Tecnometales Onis CNC

We are a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the poultry and agricultural industry.

Our History

We have more than 45 years of experience in our sector, supplying equipment to large companies in Central America and the Caribbean.

Tecnometales Onis CNC S.A. was born in Costa Rica in 2009.

Our industrial activity comes from the parent company Grapas Avin, C.A., in Venezuela.

Although we manufacture aluminum staples, galvanized staples, and pneumatic staplers and distribute inputs for the poultry and agricultural industry (among which stand out the rubber fingers and specially manufactured parts), has emerged over time demand for services from other sectors, which motivated to develop other products to meet the needs of other sectors, such as the medical industry, aeronautics, automotive, among others.

Our main objective is to be the leading company in Latin America.

In production, distribution, and quality in stapling machines, aluminum staples, stapl4es for galvanized strapping, and supplies in general for the poultry and agricultural industry, under the optimization of advice and efficient customer service. To attend to the evolution of the market in a timely manner, with new products and services from the hand of our collaborators, in order to offer quality alternatives. To offer efficient and precise mechanized cutting alternatives for any type of industry.

Our achievements

Throughout our 45-year history, we have been able to consolidate excellent business relationships with a huge portfolio of customers who do not hesitate to trust our products and services, something that drives us to improve and innovate every day in our manufacturing and distribution processes because we want to offer you the best products and services that meet the requirements of your company.


It is to offer integral solutions to the food and metal-mechanic industry service through the automation of processes, technological development and a qualified work team.

Providing services with quality and adequate customer service and operating environment.


To achieve greater participation in the national and international market, with integrated solutions to the food and metal-mechanic industry service, through strategic alliances with a solid administrative structure and modern technologies.


We are committed to timely satisfy the requirements of our customers, guaranteeing high quality products and services, with a qualified work team in search of continuous improvement and effectiveness of the organization.


Certification ISO 9001/2015

A goal achieved in 2021 was the approval of the ISO 9001/2015 certification. This international standard optimizes our different production processes. This will allow us to continue developing our projects with the highest possible excellence and quality.