Stapling machines

Pneumatic stapling machines for the poultry and agricultural industry

Pneumatic stapling machines are necessary to optimize production processes in the poultry and agricultural industry (a key sector of the economy and in which stapling machines are an essential part of its operation).

These machines are responsible for joining metal or plastic parts and are especially useful in product assembly.

Pneumatic stapling machines – Why buy them?

There are several reasons why stapling machines are a necessary investment for the poultry and agricultural industry:

  • Pneumatic stapling machines are powerful equipment with simple and reliable mechanisms, which allow closing any casings, whether natural or artificial, as well as bags and nets, through the application of staples.
  • Built-in stainless steel and aluminum are manufactured for quick and easy operation for operators. They are perfect for use in aggressive environments, such as the poultry or food industry, allowing high-speed stapling for optimum performance.

What are stapling machines for?

Stapling machines for the poultry and agricultural industry are specialized for processing poultry and other farm animals.

They are used to remove plumage, meat and bones from poultry and separate fat and meat from the body. They can also be used to extract oil from bones and fat, which helps reduce the cost of production.

Pneumatic clipping machines – Where to buy?

It is possible to find different stapling equipment (staplers) in the market. However, it is not so easy to get machines that are versatile, efficient, and of high quality, such as the ones we manufacture and distribute at Tecnometales CNC.

Tecnometales CNC Costa Rica- Stapling Equipment

We are a company that produces and distributes stapling machines made of highly resistant stainless steel and other materials. The stainless steel staplers we manufacture in Tecnometales CNC offer various types of stapling, as they have graduation for a greater or lesser tensioning of the staple.

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