Left Curve Stapler S/C

Left Curved Stapler S/C
Product Description

The Left Curve S/C stapler is one of the staplers manufactured by Tecnometales Onis CNC.
In the market, you can get a variety of stapler modes, but they have a different quality than those produced by Tecnometales Onis CNC.

The Left Curve C/C Stapler is an efficient machine made with the best materials because your company deserves the best equipment from Tecnometales Onis CNC.

Product Features

Manufacturing materials: stainless steel, aluminum, and other non-corrosive materials.
Cycles per hour: 7500.
Types of stapling: oval with adjustment.
Cylinder type: double acting (does not use spring).
Staple types: H0720, H0660, H0825.
Industrial Use: for use in the poultry industry (poultry, sausages, netting, etc., up to 3 kilograms).

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