Left Curve Stapler S/C

S/C Left Curve Stapler in Alajuela, Costa Rica: Excellence in Industrial Stapling


The Tecnometales Onis CNC Left Curve S/C Stapler is the perfect choice for optimizing industrial stapling processes. This exceptional machine offers unmatched quality, efficiency and durability for your stapling operations.

Description of the S/C Left Curve Stapler:

The S/C Left Curved Stapler S/C is one of Tecnometales Onis CNC’s flagship products. Designed and manufactured with precision, this stapler is ideal for companies looking for high-performance stapling equipment.

Product Highlights:

Premium Materials: Made from stainless steel, aluminum and other non-corrosive materials, this stapler ensures strength and durability in challenging industrial environments.

High Performance: With a capacity of 7,500 cycles per hour, this stapler is perfect for high-speed industrial applications.

Stapling Versatility: Offers oval stapling with adjustment, making it suitable for various industrial stapling applications.

Double-Acting Cylinder: Equipped with a double-acting cylinder, the stapler always ensures reliable and efficient operation.

Compatible Staple Types: It is compatible with various staples, including H0720, H0660 and H0825, making it versatile for different applications.

Industrial use in poultry production:

The S/C Left Curve Stapler S/C has been designed specifically for the poultry industry. Its capacity for stapling poultry, sausages, netting and other products up to 3 kilograms makes it an essential tool for your company.

Where can you buy the S/C Left Curve Stapler?

Tecnometales Onis CNC is your reliable partner for all your industrial stapling needs. We are located in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Contact us today for additional information, technical assistance and custom quotes. Our mission is to help you achieve excellence in your stapling operations.


Optimize your stapling processes with the Tecnometales Onis CNC Left Curve S/C Stapler. Contact us now and find out how we can increase the efficiency and quality of your stapling operations!

For the best industrial stapler, trust Tecnometales Onis CNC. Our S/C Left Curve Stapler S/C offers unsurpassed quality and performance for your industrial stapling needs. Contact us today for more information and custom quotes.

The Tecnometales Onis CNC S/C Left Curve Stapler is the perfect choice for companies looking for high-performance stapling equipment. This machine is essential in the poultry industry with premium materials, high performance, and stapling versatility.

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