Waterjet cutting in the automotive industry.

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In the automotive industry, precision and speed are crucial for successful production. That is why waterjet cutting has become a fundamental technique for manufacturing metal parts in this industry.

Tecnometales CNC Onis Waterjet Cutting for the Automotive Industry

At Tecnometales CNC Onis, we are experts in waterjet cutting and offer local services throughout Costa Rica, as well as availability for international cutting with prior consultation.

State of the Art Technology

Waterjet cutting uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut different materials, including metals. It has been perfected to incorporate abrasive particles into the water stream, allowing more complex materials to be cut with greater precision.

The CNC waterjet cutting machine has also evolved to allow for more incredible cutting speed and precision, making it an indispensable tool in manufacturing metal parts for the automotive industry.

At Tecnometales CNC Onis, we keep our waterjet cutting machines in top condition to provide our customers with the precision and speed they need in their production.

Qualified Personnel

In addition, we ensure that our staff has the necessary training to operate these machines and guarantee a precise and quality cut.

Uses of waterjet cutting in the automotive industry

Precision cutting is critical to ensure the quality and safety of the vehicles produced. Waterjet cutting offers an advantage over other cutting methods because it does not generate heat or distort the material, so clean and precise cuts can be achieved.

Tecnometales’ waterjet cutting service for the automotive industry

At Tecnometales CNC Onis, we offer personalized service to each of our customers in the automotive industry. We work closely with them to understand their needs and provide waterjet-cutting solutions that fit their requirements.

Our services include everything from part design and programming to cutting and delivery.

Want More Information about Tecnometales Waterjet Cutting Services?

If you need waterjet cutting services for the automotive industry, feel free to contact us through our online form or directly via WhatsApp. Our customer service is ready to answer any questions about this service.

Remember that we are here to help you improve your production with our waterjet cutting solutions.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting in the Automotive Industry

In addition to precision and versatility, waterjet cutting offers several additional advantages in the automotive industry:

Minimal material waste: The waterjet cutting process is highly material efficient, which helps reduce costs and waste in production.

Cutting of diverse materials: Waterjet cutting can handle a wide range of materials, from stainless steel to composite materials used in high-end automotive manufacturing.

Rapid prototyping and customization: Waterjet cutting technology enables rapid prototyping and customization of automotive components, which is essential in the custom vehicle industry.

– No thermal contamination: Unlike other heat-generating methods, waterjet cutting does not cause thermal distortion of materials, ensuring the integrity of automotive parts.

Cutting-edge technology for the Automotive Industry

At Tecnometales, we are committed to providing high-quality waterjet cutting services for the automotive and other industries. If you are ready to improve your processes and ensure precision in the manufacturing of automotive components, contact us today.

Our team is available to answer your questions, provide detailed information and help you take the step toward more efficient and accurate production.


Waterjet cutting has revolutionized the automotive industry by providing a precise and efficient solution for manufacturing metal parts. At Tecnometales CNC Onis, we are committed to providing the highest quality waterjet cutting services to meet the needs of the automotive industry in Costa Rica and internationally.

If you want precision, quality and commitment in your automotive projects, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you achieve your goals and improve the efficiency of your production processes.

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