Eco-Friendly and Efficient: The Environmental Benefits of Waterjet Cutting in Manufacturing


Today, sustainability and energy efficiency are paramount in manufacturing. In this regard, waterjet cutting is a technique revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. This article will explore the environmental benefits of waterjet cutting in manufacturing and how Tecnometales Onis, a leader in CNC cutting solutions, drives the shift to more sustainable and efficient production.

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The Environmental Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Why is waterjet cutting more environmentally friendly?

  • For instance, waterjet cutting produces less waste than other cutting methods, which reduces the amount of materials that need to be recycled or disposed of. Similarly, waterjet cutting requires less energy than other cutting methods, reducing the production’s carbon footprint. Less energy: Waterjet cutting requires less energy than other cutting methods, which reduces the carbon footprint of production.
  • No heat input: Waterjet cutting is a cold process, meaning no heat is used to cut the materials. This not only means there is no risk of fire or explosion but also creates a safer working environment for your employees. Less pollution: Waterjet cutting produces no chemical contaminants, reducing the amount of toxic substances released into the atmosphere. The only residue left is a small slurry, a water mixture and abrasive material. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous because it can be easily removed without posing a real environmental threat.

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Comparison Chart: Waterjet Cutting vs. Other Cutting methods

Feature Waterjet Cutting Other Cutting Methods
Waste Generated Less More
Energy Required Less More
Pollution No Yes


Types of waterjet cutting:

Abrasive water jet cutting: At Tecnometales Onis CNC, we offer abrasive waterjet cutting as one of our services. In this process, high-pressure water is mixed with abrasives (such as garnet) to cut hard materials such as metals and ceramics. Our MAXIEM 2040 and MAXIEM 2030 machines are specifically designed to guarantee linear positional accuracy. The use of Waterjet cutting and different industries

Waterjet cutting is widely used in various industries because of its versatility and accuracy. Here are some industries and their main reasons for using different types of waterjet cutting:

Aerospace industry:

  • Abrasive waterjet cutting: used to manufacture precise components from metal alloys and composite materials.
  • Pure waterjet cutting: Ideal for thinner parts and softer materials in the aerospace industry.

Food Processing:

  • Pure waterjet cutting: Used for cutting foods such as meat, fruits and vegetables without altering the quality or taste.

Metal Service Centers:

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting: Cut sheet metal, stainless steel and other hard materials.

From Tecnometales Onis CNC, located in Costa Rica, we want to give you the best service that your company needs for water jet cutting with water jets; you have to contact our customer service centre to meet your requirements as soon as possible.

How is Tecnometales CNC driving the change towards more sustainable production?

In Costa Rica, Alajuela, Tecnometales Onis CNC is at the forefront of driving sustainable production with CNC cutting technology. This technique is accurate and efficient in cutting different materials and is sustainable. It can use recycled water resources and generate the same effectiveness in work, thus naturally collaborating with reducing environmental pollution. This is because our waterjet cutting equipment is designed to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize the amount of waste generated. You can trust our expertise in this field.


In conclusion, waterjet cutting is a technique that offers significant environmental benefits in manufacturing. At Tecnometales Onis CNC, we are unwavering in our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Sign up and receive our newsletters to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in CNC cutting technology and how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint. We are here to support your journey towards more sustainable production.

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