Finger AMN – OVAL



Finger AMN – OVAL

Product Description:

In the constant pursuit of excellence in poultry processing, Plumatech proudly presents the AMN Oval Finger. This plucking finger represents the culmination of years of research and development in poultry automation.

Product Features:

  • Improved Contact Surface: The AMN Oval Finger has been specifically designed to maximize the contact surface area with the poultry during the plucking process. This translates into greater efficiency and accuracy in feather removal, ensuring exceptional quality in your final products.
  • Flexibility and robustness: Flexibility and robustness are the distinguishing features of this innovative product. Its unique design allows optimal flexing to adapt to birds’ various shapes and sizes while maintaining exceptional wear resistance. This ensures long plucking finger life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving costs in the long run.
  • Variety of hardnesses: Recognizing the diverse processing needs in the poultry industry, the AMN Oval Finger is available in a range of hardnesses. This lets you choose the finger that best suits your requirements, ensuring optimal and consistent plucking.

Outstanding benefits:

  1. high-quality plucking: Thanks to its improved contact surface and robust design, the AMN Oval Finger guarantees high-quality plucking that meets the most demanding industry standards.
  2. Efficiency and Productivity: The combination of flexibility and strength contributes to greater efficiency in poultry processing operations. It reduces downtime associated with frequent plucking finger replacement and increases overall productivity.
  3. Universal Compatibility: This plucking finger is versatile and suitable for various poultry, including chickens, geese and ducks. Its adaptable design makes it an essential tool in any poultry processing plant.
  4. Long service life: You invest in durability by choosing the AMN Oval Finger. Its wear resistance extends its useful life, which translates into significant savings.

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