Have you ever tried to cut or tension a strap with your hands? If so, it can be very difficult and tedious. Fortunately, there are strapping cutters and tensioners designed for the industrial sector that make the job much easier.

What are strap tensioners?

Strap tensioners or strap cutters are devices created to cut metal strapping quickly and accurately. Many of these machines have a rotating blade that can be adjusted to produce the desired strap thickness. A strap tensioner is what you need to save time and effort when cutting strapping.

There are different types of strapping cutters and tensioners, but they all work similarly.

What is a strapping tensioner for?

A strap cutter and tensioner is a machine that cuts and tension straps. This machine is very useful in the packaging industry, allowing operators to perform these two processes quickly and efficiently.

Strapping is a material used in the packaging industry and is manufactured from a plastic strip. The machine is equipped with a motor that adjusts the strap’s cutting length and tension.

Tecnometales ONIS CNC tensioning machine

A tensioner or strap cutter is ideal for cutting strapping quickly and accurately, which is especially useful if you need to cut many straps at once. This tool is very useful, as it is essential to ensure that the strapping is cut and tensioned correctly, and it is perfect for various applications.

The strapping cutter and tensioner is a very profitable investment for any company involved in the packaging of products. The tensioner we manufacture at Tecnometales Onis CNC has a ratchet system, allowing you to obtain maximum tension and cut instantly.

The Tecnometales Onis CNC tensioning machine is one of the main tools you must acquire for your company!

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