Case Study: How an Automotive Company Increased Efficiency with the Water Jet

Efficiency is key in any industry, and especially in automotive manufacturing. In Costa Rica, the company Tecnometales Onis CNC, which specialises in CNC cutting, found that using the Water Jet was the perfect solution to improve their efficiency, reduce costs and cut time. In this article, we will explain how Tecnometales Onis CNC managed to increase its efficiency thanks to the use of the Water Jet and give a brief overview of some of the automotive companies that use this technology.

Benefits of Tecnometales Onis CNC with the water jet service

  • Tecnometales CNC produces parts for the automotive industry in Alajuela, Costa Rica.
  • Before implementing the Water Jet, the company needed 3-4 hours to cut a steel part.
  • After implementing the Water Jet, the cutting time was reduced to 30 minutes.
  • The Water Jet also reduced the company’s energy and water consumption.

Advantages of the Water Jet

The Water Jet is a water jet-cutting system that uses a high-pressure water jet to cut materials. Some of the advantages of the Water Jet are:

  • Accuracy: The Water Jet can cut materials with an accuracy of ±0.1 mm.
  • Speed: The Water Jet is faster than other cutting methods, which reduces production time.
  • Cost: The Water Jet is more economical than other cutting methods, which reduces production costs.

Flexibility: The Water Jet can cut various materials, including steel, aluminium and plastic.

Implementation of the Water Jet at Tecnometales Onis CNC

The implementation of the Water Jet was a simple and fast process. The company’s technicians were trained in using the system and began using it in their daily operations.


After implementing the Water Jet, Tecnometales Onis CNC experienced a significant efficiency and cost reduction increase. Some of the results were:

  • Reduced cutting time: Cutting time was reduced by 75%.
  • Reduced costs: Production costs were reduced by 20%.
  • Reduced energy consumption: Energy consumption was reduced by 15%.
  • Improved quality: Product quality improved due to the precision of the Water Jet.


Automotive companies are currently using Water Jet cutting.


In the automotive industry, water jet technology, or high-pressure water jetting, is a highly demanded method for manufacturing vehicle parts. This process is precise and produces no wear on the cut parts, making it ideal.


  • Ford Motor Company: Ford Motor Company has been using this technology in its vehicle assembly process since 2010, which has allowed it to improve efficiency and precision in manufacturing its automobiles.
  • By using water jets to cut materials, Ford produces parts with clean, precise edges, which reduces the need for labour reduction and improves final product quality.


More detailed information is available on the Ford Company website, 

Compromiso con la administración del agua (



  • General Motors: This company has been using water jet technology to cut parts in the shortest possible time since 2015. It is estimated that this company produces 8. 3 million vehicles assembled using this technology per year.


For more information about General Motors, please visit the website: Vehicle manufacturing water use and consumption: an analysis based on data in automotive manufacturers’ sustainability reports | The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (


  • Toyota: Since implementing water jet technology in its manufacturing process, Toyota has been able to reduce production times and improve the quality of its vehicles. By using water jets instead of traditional cutting methods, the company has achieved greater precision in cutting materials, which translates into more excellent uniformity in the parts and components of its vehicles.  

In short, integrating water jet technology into Toyota’s manufacturing process has been critical to improving the efficiency and quality of its vehicles, positioning the company as a leader in innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.       


For more information on Toyota brand vehicles, please refer to Toyota Proceso de producción de automóviles: ensamblaje | Recorrido virtual por la planta de Toyota | Empresa | Sitio web oficial de Toyota Motor Corporation (



Water jet cutting is a powerful tool for improving efficiency and reducing costs in automotive manufacturing. Implementing the Water Jet at Tecnometales Onis CNC has allowed the company to reduce its cutting time by 75% and reduce its production costs.

If your company is also looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs, consider implementing the Water Jet.


Ready to improve your company’s efficiency? Find out how the Water Jet can help your company reduce costs and improve accuracy. 

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