Plastic Strap

Plastic strapping for the poultry and agricultural industry is a very useful product for these industries.

What is plastic strapping?

Strapping is a polypropylene strap used for strapping cartons or pallets. For example, it can secure a plastic cover to a chicken cage or tie an irrigation pipe to a post. They are also used in the manufacture of equipment and machinery.

Uses of plastic strapping in the industrial sector

Plastic strapping has many uses, from securing objects to shipping packages.
They are generally made of polyethylene, a material derived from petroleum.
Plastic strapping is the best choice for bundling products and has proven to be a versatile and durable material over the years.
This has made them an option for multiple applications in the poultry and agricultural industry, such as packaging, storage, transportation and handling of products.
In the poultry industry, plastic strapping is used to secure and protect poultry wings and hold straw liners and other materials in place. They are also used to wrap and protect feed.

Plastic strapping and its impact on the industry

The poultry and agricultural industry is constantly looking for ways to improve and simplify its processes.
One such product that has helped achieve this is plastic strapping.
Plastic strapping in the poultry and agricultural industry is an economical and effective option, as it can help improve yield and product quality.

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